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WADA 2019 Prohibited Drug List World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) list of drugs prohibited for athletes
IDBF Anti Doping Statement For all Anti-Doping rules and regulations, please see the IDBF website.
IDBF Anti Doping Policy & Rules
IDBF Anti Doping Policy Annex A
IDBF Anti Doping Policy Annex B
IDBF Anti Doping Policy Annex C
IDBF Anti Doping Policy Annex D

Email: info@ita.sport 
Website: www.ita.sport 
Testing Department (matteo.vallini@ita.sport)
Science & Medical Department (neil.robinson@ita.sport)
Legal Affairs Department (dominique.leroux@ita.sport)


The Dragon Boat – history and culture
A short document on dragon boating and it’s origins

The Dragon Boat Community of Europe and the Rejuvenation of the Sport within the EDBF
– Presentation
by Claudio Schermi EDBF President

EDBF Paradragon
– Framework Rules for Paradragon Competitions
By Nigel Bedford

EDBF Youth Commission
– Presentation 
– Youth Development survey for Clubs
– Youth Development survey for Federations
By Ph.D. Eng. José M. Carrillo

EDBF Women in Sport Commission
– Presentation
– Agenda in Dragon Boating
– Elite Atlets research
– Academia campaign
by Anna Socratous 

EDBF Marketing and Media Commission
by Michela Scacchetti

EDBF Medical Commission
– Presentation
SMEDCOM Siviglia
Performance Profile
Women Project
by Antonio De Lucia

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Tourism & Sport
by Claudio Schermi EDBF President
Barcelona 2021 – ECCC
by Dragon Boat Emotions in conjunction with AEDB
Ravenna 2022 – ENC
by Antonio De Lucia FIDB President
by APT Emilia Romagna, Municipality of Ravenna and Fidenza Village