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4 days ago
International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)

The IDBF is now on Instagram!

We’re on Instagram! Follow us at @dragonboat.sport

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1 week ago
New Zealand Dragon Boat Association – NZDBA

Congratulation to Meri Gibson President of the IBCPC and now coopted new IDBF Vice President! It is a big step forward for the cooperation between the International Breast Cancer Paddlers Commission See more

We wish to congratulate Meri Gibson on her appointment as IDBF Associate Vice President at the recent congress meeting in Thailand last month!

For those who may not have had a chance to meet her, See more

1 week ago
Foto dal post di European Dragon Boat Federation

Euro Cup in Nottingham in coming closer! Don’t miss it if you want Euro Cup points…

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Congrat to Meri Gibson IBCPC President, coopted as new IDBF VP! The #EDBF Pres @claudioschermi welcomes #dragonboat initiatives for #breastcancer #paddlers in #Europe and encourages to recognize the #PinkPaddlers identity also within National Federations for positive cooperation.

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