10th European Club Crews Championships

From 23 August 2013until 25 August 2013
Event:10th European Club Crews Championships
Type:EDBF event
URL :www.edbf.org
Place:Hamburg, Germany
Invitation Letter
Bulletin number 1
Provisional Entry Form
European Championships website
Bulletin No. 2
Registration website
Bulletin No. 3
Technical Information Bulletin no4
Heat Draws, Competing Crews and Time Tables
Race Programme Friday 23 August
Race Program Saturday 24 August
Race Program Sunday 25 August


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  • Cyprus Dragon Boat Association Cyprus Dragon Boat Association
    April 11 2014 07:06am
    First fotos came up from our 2nd Dragon Boat Challenge that took place on Sunday, April 6th. ! See you in #Cyprus in October to our 7th International Limassol Dragon Boat Festival ! Enjoy !:) https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.618222308262655.1073741840.175349099216647&type=3
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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    March 6 2014 09:02pm
    The provisional entry date for the European Nations Championships has passed and we are still missing many of our dragon boat friends in Europe. Currently, teams from host country Czech Republic plus Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Slowakia, Switzerland and Serbia have registered for the championships. We're still waiting for entries from top competitors from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Spain as well as from all of our other established and newer members in Europe. If you are a paddler from one of those countries and haven't heard from your national federation yet about the European Nations Championship, give your national federation a shout and tell them to get the provisional entries in for your national team! Or if you are on the board of your national federation, please let the event organizer, Petr Klima, and the EDBF Secretary General, Kim Beckwith know your country's plans. We realize that everyone is just now waking up from their winter hibernation so not all national federations have met about entries yet, but do please let us know your intentions!
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  • Champion Dragon Boats Champion Dragon Boats
    February 24 2014 08:32pm
    We found this pic on file from the European Dragon Boat Federation 10th European Nations Championships, Nottingham, England, 2012. This was in the bus / coach park at the top of the regatta site, it's a shelter made from spare marquee equipment, it was very well built, any ideas who or which team / nation built it ? ..... They deserve a medal #dragonboat
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    • Tom Millington
      Tom Millington I guess it was for that mini storm on the last day of racing haha! :D
      February 24 2014 08:32pm
    • Champion Dragon Boats
      Champion Dragon Boats It could of been, i know it took two marquee chaps the best part of 20 mins to take it down Tom Millington
      February 24 2014 08:32pm
  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    January 31 2014 10:48am
    Notice to all national teams intending to participate in the 11th EDBF European Nations Championship: Your entries should go through your national dragon boat federation for approval and not directly to the Organizing Committee of the 11th EDBF ENC. The Organizing Committee will deal with only one National Team Manager per attending nation.
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  • Cyprus Dragon Boat Association Cyprus Dragon Boat Association
    January 29 2014 06:12pm
    Any team interested to travel to Cyprus this year ? BOOK YOUR TICKETS ON TIME for our forthcoming international events ! Some of the airlines flighing in Cyprus, Larnaca or Paphos airports, are Wizz, Ryanair, EasyJet, Monarch,... Book on time and save costs so you can allow more days enjoying #Cyprus ! #VisitCyprus ! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=569037896514430&set=a.279052988846257.67702.175349099216647&type=1&theater
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  • Robin Magnusson Robin Magnusson
    January 24 2014 10:18pm
    Swedish U24 team summer 2013 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=645635255503647&set=vb.389655331101642&type=2&theater
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  • Admi Cydba Admi Cydba
    January 22 2014 03:50pm
    This weekend Cyprus Dragon Boat Association is organizing our first 2.000m race in Cyprus. Our next event, in April and the dates for our planned events in Cyprus are here : You all know how sunny Cyprus is, do you need more reasons why to come ? Do you like surprises ??? https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/758561634156237/

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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    January 16 2014 07:44pm
    The European Championships Bulletin 1 is just awaiting a few tweaks before it goes live. We needed to align it with the IDBF rules regarding the small boat categories. Keep watching this space!
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  • Race The Dragon UK Race The Dragon UK
    December 21 2013 04:23pm
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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  • Denis Starke Denis Starke
    December 21 2013 07:12am
    Dear friends, our Dragonboat-Team, the All Sports Team Hannover is a german well-known and successful team. Especially 2013 was an unbelievable effective year. We were able to win six times the titel at the European Club Crew Championchips (ECCC) in Hamburg. We started in the premium class standard boat mixed and small boat women and open. Another highlight of the season 2013 were the German Masters held in Duisburg. Once again we started in the premium class standard boat mixed and open as well as in the small boat women and open. At the end of the weekend we won eight of ten german titels and made two second places. Now we are nominated for the election of the best teams of our federal state (Lower Saxony). We would be happy, if you can help us and vote for us. http://www.balldessports.de/survey/wahl_2014.php „Sportlerin“ i.e. sportswoman (Mandy would be happy); „Sportler“ i.e. sportsman (Dimitri would be happy) and „Mannschaft“ i.e. the team (Hannover All Sports Taem). Another fabulous step would be to share it with other teams and dragonboat-friends and to animate them to vote for us. Maybe we all together can help the dragonboat-sport to become a little bit more famous. Please help us!!!
    Ball des Sports :: 14. Februar 2014

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  • European Dragon Boat Federation European Dragon Boat Federation
    December 17 2013 06:11pm
    Venue change for the EDBF European Nations championship: new site will be Racice (near Prague). the race course and facilities have recently been upgraded. Bulletin 1 will be released soon!
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    • Tell Wilhelm
      Tell Wilhelm Warum, warum, warum? Das geht doch nicht mehr lange gut! Keiner will mehr ausrichten. Dabei hat die IDBF / EDBF das Niveau schon soweit herunter geschraubt.
      December 17 2013 06:11pm
  • Carsten F. Bacher Carsten F. Bacher
    November 27 2013 07:27am
    Ahoi liebe Drachenboot-Freunde! Are you ready? Dann Attention und gooooo! Alle Infos für die Dragonboat-Cups von Borken auf dem Pröbstingsee sind nun online. Guckst Du und klickst Du unter www.dragonboatclub.de ... See you am See ... zum 7. Dragonboat-Cup für Schul-, Fun und Business-Teams am 24. Mai, und am 25. Mai für alle Breiten- & Leistungsport-Teams zum 5. Dragonboat-Sport-Cup und zur Premiere: Dem Liga-Finale!!! Das wird ein WE der Extra-Klasse in Sachen Drachenboot-Sport!
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  • Admi Cydba Admi Cydba
    October 22 2013 07:39pm
    A very first taste of what took place in #Cyprus during the 6th International Limassol Dragon Boat Festival this Sunday, 20 October 2013 ! More to follow ! Enjoy :) .. .. and see you next year here in sunny Cyprus ! https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.454406061310948.1073741830.175349099216647&type=3
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  • Maria Gold Maria Gold
    October 10 2013 06:46pm
    hey guys, one of our dragonboat-family needs your vote. He participate in a worldwide competition of "Paco Rabanne" with his dragonboat-project against other sportsmen. Help him and our team to win the competition and realize our project. And in the same time you´re supporting our dragonboat-sport to get more recognition. It´s possible to vote every day. So please don´t hesitate and vote for MARCUS. Thanks a lot and hopefully we will see you guys in canada 2015!! greetz from germany http://www.pacorabanne.com/invictus/?lang=en#

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