EDBF Annual General Assembly will be held 21-23 November 2014

30 July 2014

The EDBF Annual General Assembly (AGA) will be held 21-23 November 2014. Meetings will take place from Friday afternoon through Monday morning. We are very lucky in that a number of our members are interested in hosting the meeting: Spain (Murcia), Hungary (Budapest) and Estonia (Talinn). Once the EDBF Board has detailed proposals back from potential hosts we will decide on the location (considering ease of access from throughout Europe, value for money and scouting future championship locations). Please hold the dates free for this important meeting. If your official National representative cannot attend this meeting, please send someone who can represent your country at the meeting.

Issues that were raised at the Council and AGA meetings last weekend during the championships in Racice that will be further addressed and voted upon at the November AGA are:

  • Proposal to raise the EDBF fee from 10 to 15 euro per paddler (goes to support the costs of running the organization and helping subsidize race official and board members travel).
  • Call for proposals to fund EDBF championships (how can we raise money to help make better championships without excessively burdening paddlers?)
  • Discussion: will lowering the regatta fee for juniors increase the number of junior crews attending championships (or is that an insignificant cost compared to the costs of traveling and hotels at championships?)?
  • Should we add new classes just for juniors (100m races, relay races) or do juniors want to race the official distances of 200m, 500m, 2k? Please talk to your country´s junior coaches and paddlers and tell us what they think will make more junior crews attend.
  • Proposal to have U-18s only race in the Olympic class (small) boats. Will this stimulate more junior crews to participate since they won´t have to find funding for such a large crew? Will it stimulate or damage the eventual crossover from a small to a standard boat? Please ask your junior crew managers, trainers and paddlers what they think!
  • Call for proposals to increase spectator attendance at ENC and ECCCs.
  • Call for nominations for EDBF Board positions and Council positions: Chairman (currently Alan van Caubergh, NL), 2nd vice chairman (vacant), representative to the Board (currently Su Menzies, GB), governing members (3 needed, currently Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia). Please note, according to EDBF Statute 9.4, "All such nominations must be lodged with the Secretary General at least six (6) weeks before an Ordinary Assembly." this means that I must have nominations no later than October 3, 2014.

Do you have any other ideas that the EDBF should consider and that should be voted on at the EDBF AGA? This is the most important meeting of the year since it is the meeting where our members´ have say in the most important decisions the EDBF takes on behalf of paddlers. Please send your suggestions to the Secretary General kim.edbf[at]xs4all.nl before 30 October, 2014. Also, please confirm who will be attending the AGA for your country in November.


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    Joint Meeting between ICF (represented by the Vice President Thomas Konietzko, by the chairman of the dragon boat commission mr Luk Wai Hung and Ulrike Shreck) and IDBF (represented by the President Mike Thomas and the Treasurer Alan Van Caubergh), EDBF (represented by the President Claudio Schermi, the Vice President Ute Becker and the Treasurer Maura Dezi) and the ECA (represented by the President Albert Woods). In attendance also the President of the Federazione Italiana Dragon Boat Antonio De Lucia and the President of the Federazione Italiana Canoa Kayak Luciano Buonfiglio. The meeting has been held in the Executive Committee room of the CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee.
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